Live In and Live Out Jobs:

Live Out: Maids, Handy Persons, Yard Work.

Live In: Short Description of duties: marketing, check ins/outs, guest services, breakfast help, cleaning, answer phone.

Ideally:  Looking for a Live In web smart human(s) that works from home/here.

If you NEED or would greatly benefit from a place to live year round and only a part time/seasonal job is OK, can “house sit” often, and can interview in person please read on.

and answer questions at bottom to get reply

Live in only. Well groomed person that can help with Hotel guest services and marketing. Very part time work in off season. Could be your second Job or perfect for a retiree or if you work from home. That said if you want to do more hotel or innkeeper duties many optional jobs such as, housekeeping, gardening, etc. are available.

Looking ideally for a web marketer that works from home and can work from here and even could make it their store front for your web clients if needed.

This is more of a place to live than a job at least to begin with, but hopefully you would grow into more.

Very modest room to start with, with ability to improve living quarters provided. But at least your rent, utilities, cable and Internet are paid for.

Do not just send a resume please answer these questions.

Do you NEED a place to live?  And do you rent now?

Do you work from home…

If Innkeeper is an option please let us know why it is a good fit?

Is seasonal work OK?

Is a modest room to live in OK?

Marketing background if (be specific)

Job Type: Part-time

Key words:, Jobs for couples, Jobs with housing, New Jersey Marketing Manager, live rent free, Website development, SEO, chef, Realestate, Realtors, room included, housing included, Property Manager,  hotel marketing.

Marketing, Web, computer and Social media savvy.

Social Media | Digital Marketing | Online Advertising | Freelance Consulting all a plus. cook or chef

Job Type: Part-time

Live in innkeeper

Property manager

more of a place to live than a job in off season.


Part time local:





E mail with your location, experiance etc.

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